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Spray drying tower New construction Protein production

In October 2016, DAPP replaced a spray drying tower for one of its Food Ingredients customers. After a thorough preparation of plans, preparation and organization, the dryer was replaced in 3 weeks! This is an achievement that has never been seen in the industry, so fast and right.

In fairness, it must be said that the weather was also good. "One of the few factors that we as a project team had no control over", says Dennis Beijaard. Realizing such a project is only possible if you have a good team with an almost military implementation plan but the necessary flexibility to be able to switch. 

All (20) parties involved have done their best to make this a success and they succeeded. "A perfectly organized project", according to the customer. "We couldn't have done this without DAPP's project manager".

Publication: December 2016

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