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Dapp stands for different approach, and that tells you exactly what we stand for: a data-driven logistics engineering firm, specializing in industrial engineering and project management. We carry out our projects both for and on behalf of our clients.




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Vision on the future of factories

The factory of the future must use the available data as optimally as possible. In addition, this data must be analyzed and visualized in such a way as to provide an integrated overview of the factory's performance.

Based on this information, the correct operational and strategic decisions can be taken with regard to both the present and the future of the factory.

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Successfully completing a project, easier said than done.

Here at Dapp we like a challenge, so we will gladly take on your assignment with both hands.

Below is an overview of some of our clients where we have successfully realized a project.

completed projects in dairy
completed projects in fresh produce
completed projects in food & beverage
completed projects in non-food & logistics
Vepo Cheese
Royal A-ware Food Group
Royal FrieslandCampina
RFC Zijerveld
Royal Lactalis Leerdammer
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Facility Layout Solution
Facility Layout Solution
Facility Layout Solution (FLS) is a tool created by Dapp. This tool optimizes the layout of your pla... more details
Automation & Mechanization
Automation & Mechanization
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Project management
Project management
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Warehouse layout
Warehouse layout
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Our innovation in your company?
Our innovation in your company?

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Facility Layout Solution

Facility Layout Solution (FLS) is a tool developed by Dapp to generate the optimal layout for your factory. We do this based on data instead of the well-known gut feeling.

Interested in what we can do for you concerning the layout of your factory? Leave your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • AVOID bottlenecks IN THE LAYOUT

Dapp News

Realization of a new building of Refrigerated Warehouse Koningszuivel

Re­al­iza­tion of a new build­ing of Re­frig­er­at­ed Ware­house Kon­ingszuiv­el

Konings-Zuivel has selected DAPP to supervise the new construction project. Konings-Zuivel imports dairy products from various European countries and markets them with various parties in and outside the Netherlands. For example, in addition to other activities, dairy and other chilled products are supplied to the large Dutch supermarkets. Real estate developer WDP was commissioned to build a completely new DC of approximately 10,000 m2 at a location to be developed in Bleiswijk near the intersection of the HSL and the A12. The building was to have refrigerated storage and a large dispatch area. The building should be delivered in accordance with high-quality sustainability and energy requirements (BREEAM Very Good). The DC has a height of approximately 12 meters (equivalent to 5 pallet layers). DAPP has led the entire realization (engineering, logistics infrastructure and construction + technology) with a specialist project team. In addition to the DAPP project manager, the team consisted of specialists from DAPP's database in the field of quality & certification, logistics, construction, climate technology & energy and electricity & instrumentation. Konings-Zuivel has outsourced the entire construction and delivery process and has been able to limit its contributions to the regular coordination of requirements and wishes with regard to planning and quality. In fact, we are talking about a 'turn-key' solution here. Konings-Zuivel has moved to a completely working new DC. The DAPP project team was able to completely unburden the client. Very nice for a client if you can fall back on expertise that you have never had to deal with yourself. In terms of BREEAM, the building does indeed meet the applicable sustainability requirements. This also means, for example, that with a BREAAM-NL certificate, Konings-Zuivel can achieve a significant tax advantage on the investment made. The building is designed in such a way that it is scalable. Should Konings-Zuivel grow to such an extent in the coming years that the current facility becomes too small, one of the side walls can be removed quite easily to create a larger storage space.

10 October 2022
Did you know... 8 facts related to engineering

Did you know... 8 facts re­lat­ed to en­gi­neer­ing

For the proper functioning of the machines to be designed, a customer usually uses tools or auxiliary products. Think of lubricants, oils, cleaning agents or disinfectants. The manufacturer must design a machine in such a way that these liquids cannot come into contact with the foodstuffs to be processed, produced or packaged. Corrosion and deposits in the pipework can increase the cost of electricity consumption of pumps in heating and cooling systems by as much as 35% in the first years after installation. It is known that the Netherlands is the world's second largest exporter in the field of agro and food. Less well known is that we are the third largest exporter of machines for the food industry. 20% of the Dutch gross domestic product is earned with products and services related to agro and food. A dairy company recently applied a 1 mm layer. from its one liter of packaging and thus saved approximately 50,000 kilos of packaging material per year. The parts used in the machines that come into, or may come into contact with, foodstuffs must be made of materials that comply with the guidelines. This category of parts must be FDA compliant (the American Food & Drug Administration). What is the environment where a machine will run? Within machine building for the food industry, a distinction can be made between different environments. The environment for which it is designed has consequences for the selection of suitable components. There are numerous examples where a food producer was shut down after an inspection by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (nVWA) because of insufficient compliance with the hygiene rules.

10 October 2022
Factory layout with floor requires dynamic zoning plan

Fac­to­ry lay­out with floor re­quires dy­nam­ic zon­ing plan

Since the development of the FLS model, Dapp has always looked at how the model can approach the reality and customer issues even better. Something that has been tested in theory often runs into problems in reality; situations that are not considered until you are confronted with them. We spend a lot of time maintaining the model and always looking for applications to better implement the reality and the wishes of customers. One of those applications concerns the successful expansion of the model from one to several floors. In practice, the scarce space increasingly means that factories and companies are still going up. An additional advantage is that the material handling costs are lower when the height is built in. In theory, however, it is easier said than done; where 3D reality is already taken into account in practice, the step to deepening the theory is fundamentally different. Working with algorithms and modern software options is currently unknown territory for many professionals. Today there is an unimaginable amount of possibilities with modern applications. But then you should know that there are possibilities with which the layout of your factory can be better and more efficient. Optimizing a layout with one or more floors This also applies to a factory with one or more floors, for example. That too can be optimized relative to each other. “A two-storey building is nothing more than 2x a one-storey building but on top of each other?” Would you think. Unfortunately, in contrast to two one-storey buildings, where the buildings have no further relationship, this is certainly the case in a two-storey building; There is often a lot of exchange between the floors in terms of raw materials, products, packaging, waste, but also people. If one would choose to first optimize one floor and then the other, it must be determined in advance which space will be placed on which floor, something that is almost never fixed in practice. At the other end of the spectrum, it often does not mean in practice that all rooms can be placed haphazardly on any floor. Some spaces should be placed on the ground floor, such as an inbound goods space, other spaces should be located on the first floor, such as the offices. In short, the model must simultaneously include both floors in the optimization. How can you best tackle this issue? We also wanted to include some restrictions that could apply in practice for a multi-storey factory. This includes securing certain spaces on a certain floor, but also linking a set of spaces above and below each other and indicating that a space occupies several floors. We can also optimize multi-storey factories. See the image above. Want to learn more about how your factory layout can be customized? Contact [email protected] or via 0345 - 50 52 56.

10 October 2022
Build advanced packaging line for dairy company A-ware

Build ad­vanced pack­ag­ing line for dairy com­pa­ny A-ware

Zuivelbedrijf A-ware is a specialist in cheese and active in all parts of the cheese chain. A-ware provides tailor-made solutions for third parties and allows cheese to ripen, cut and pack at various locations. In order to be able to meet the increasingly higher standards of (international) customers, A-ware wants to centralize all packaging in a new packaging factory. A-ware asks DAPP to supply the right project manager: a specialist who is experienced in the construction of utilities, such as electricity, water and air, as well as the relocation of production lines. Ronald Moerenhout, who has extensive experience in realizing complex projects in a technically oriented environment, accepts the challenge. It is a complex project, also because part of the new factory is already up and running, while another part has yet to be built. Moreover, the project must be completed before A-ware's new cheese factory is fully operational. A-ware has to do with the highest food safety requirements. At the start of the project, project manager Ronald Moerenhout therefore defines the most important criteria for the success of the project: hygiene, product quality and sustainability. A new supply system is being developed with which the cheese is automatically transported from the ripening chambers to the cutting and packaging line. A unique identification system ensures that certain cheeses go to the correct line and can be cut, packaged and labelled according to customer requirements. The DAPP project manager is also closely involved in the development of the complex hygiene lock. This lock can be set up optimally, because Ronald Moerenhout works closely with the managers responsible at A-ware and can determine the layout of the new cheese factory with them.  After sixteen months, the complex project is successfully completed according to plan. Dairy producer A-ware now produces and distributes all cheese products from this central location. Publication: September 2014 (also published in VMT)

10 October 2022


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