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About dapp

DAPP is a  company name that immediately lets others know what we stand for: the Different Approach. From the start in 2009, this different approach was the foundation upon which we, as an innovative project management bureau, built DAPP: informal, alert, open, and dedicated. Our stance has always been that working with people is at the core of project management.

DAPP focuses exclusively on the Dutch food sector and supports producers, distributors, retailers, and innovators in all their technical and logistical investment projects: we are flexible, prompt, and committed. It is our mission to help successfully realise project goals for innovation, growth, and efficiency. For this, we combine our practical knowledge with our knowledge of project management. DAPP focuses on the entire production chain: from innovation to engineering, logistics/distribution, and support.

In a field as dynamic as the food sector, producers, distributors, and retailers are constantly faced with the challenge of more efficient production from one end and of introducing innovative products from the other. This also makes the demand for smarter logistics and production processes a daily challenge, but how do you successfully achieve them? First and foremost, this requires an idea, but also the capability to bring it to deliver results.

That is when DAPP enters the playing field: we immediately take all the pressure of the shoulders of the client and mobilise the right project manager for the task. We are proud of our ability to see things through to success and get to work straight away on every task. Hands on is our motto. For each project we take on, we find the right and available project manager with the right technical background, who fits best into the client’s business culture. That may be one of our own project managers or an independent professional from the market. Regardless, we always find a highly qualified project manager who can start quickly, think critically, and behaves as the customer representative.

We are able to achieve this kind of professional agility, because we have access to a thriving network of nearly 200 independent, project management professionals. They are selected based on tangible results and, like us, go the extra mile for the client. We spend a great deal of time and attention on our network, are very well acquainted with most of the project managers, and we know who is available and when. This is why we are quick to respond to the imp[ortant question who the right specialist for a specific project is and why we can be confident in its successful completion.

From our perspective, each project has a start and a finish, which means that projects are temporary in nature and also that they yield results. A project consists of five phases: project initiation, project planning, project execution, project control, and project completion. In addition to all the technical details involved in these five phases, there are, of course, all the people involved. After all, a new project nearly always results in a change for employees and it is incredibly important to communicate and work together with them. Working with people is at the heart of project management and that is more than clear to DAPP.

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