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Redesign Packaging Design

Our client produces and sells consumer products such as dairy drinks, infant nutrition, cheese and desserts through its own subsidiaries in a large number of European countries, in Asia and Africa.

Within the dairy branch of this company, DAPP is active at various cheese packaging locations. One of the applications that DAPP was allowed to fill in was the supply of a heavy project manager for the ‘Redesign Packaging’ project.

Our client was looking for a specialist in the field of redesigning and renewing the layout planning of the various packaging lines. A physical relocation of these packaging lines was also part of the project. This specifically concerned the packaging lines for slicing, insertion in thermoforming packaging, weighing and labelling, case packing and palletizing of various types of cheese.

Our project manager has extensive experience in realizing complex projects in a technically oriented environment and, more specifically, in the layout design of packaging lines.

During the duration of the project, Lars has led a multidisciplinary project team. This involved multiple relocations and optimizations of existing packaging lines. The relocations required intensive planning and coordination because downtime was impossible: production had to be able to continue.  

In addition to the relocation of various lines, the project also involved the design of new machines and systems for case packing and palletizing. This design process was guided from design to realization using the well-known V-Model. Before delivery, an extensive validation program was completed.

With a lead time of approximately 2 years, the project team was able to deliver the project in accordance with planning, safety, budget and quality. Both our client, Lars Goedgebuure and DAPP look back on a wonderfully challenging and successful project.

Here too it has become clear: DAPP realizes!

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