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Realization State-of-the-Art Insect Ingredient Factory

The term 'novel foods' is increasingly being used in the food industry. Novel foods are 'new' foods and ingredients that have never been sold as foodstuffs before in the European Union. A good example is the 'insects' group, a new protein for which the market is slowly but surely opening up.

A customer who is active in the production of sustainable and high-quality insects approaches us with the assignment to scale up the production capacity of a certain type of insect in particular by realizing a new factory. DAPP project manager Dennis Beijaard, business administrator and expert in logistics and supply chain management, leads the entire project. 

Our client produces grasshoppers, mealworms and crickets and has decades of knowledge and experience in the production of insects. This producer is on the eve of an increasing demand and instructs us to realize the production scale increase and to manage the whole process. Our client's ambition is to build a fully automated state-of-the-art novel foods factory. A factory with a large-scale production that can respond to the increasing demand for novel food ingredients. Dennis Beijaard works together with important stakeholders such as the Research & Development, but also with universities and research centers. The ambitious and innovative project is currently in full swing.

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