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Optimization production lines potato products

A specialist in fresh and cooled potato products wants to optimize its small packaging department. It is the first time that he wants to hire an external project manager and after a search he ends up at Dapp, because we combine substantive knowledge with knowledge of project management.

Dapp is given the assignment to optimize the small packaging department with a new set-up for the production, as well as the technical adjustment and/or renewal of the production lines. In addition, the logistics flows must be adapted and the existing factory space renovated. Our experienced project manager, who has already successfully completed many food projects, supervises the entire project.

It is a challenging job in which the production process continues to run continuously. For the success of the entire project, coordination between all parties involved, both the internal organization and the external parties, is therefore of great importance. Our project manager manages to successfully complete the project in six months with a commitment of a few days a week. The specialist in potato products is extremely satisfied with Dapp's external project manager and it was an excellent opportunity for us to show that we can also take on this role successfully.

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