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Masterplan Concept Engineering & Expansion processing & new factory

Our customer is a traditional producer of fresh yogurt and drinks for the retail market. The company has grown over the years from a dairy farm to the professional milk and cream processor it is today.

A few years ago, the need arose for a master plan to phase out and replace obsolete equipment in a planned and structured way and thereby prepare for the ambitious growth plans that the company had formulated. This year (2018) DAPP was asked to shape the Master Plan. The first step was to work out the concept engineering in its entirety.

Due to the versatility of the customer demand, DAPP has approached this project as a  multidisciplinary project. This meant that we integrated a number of activities and performed them side by side. This concerns, among other things, the redevelopment of the site, the development of a new production hall to be built with the associated technology. At the same time the replacement of various processing equipment such as a blender, the shear mixer, the Cleaning in Place installation (the CIP) and the chillers. Also, as part of the changes, a pallet conveyor track was purchased and installed in one of the cold stores. The latter meant that the logistics routes had to be redefined, which was also taken care of by DAPP. Finally, DAPP supervised the entire process from drawings to obtaining the necessary permits.

With the delivery of the Master Plan, there was such a clear and unambiguous definition of the follow-up that the customer had full confidence to go further into the project with its own team of employees and to implement it in phases. DAPP received many thanks for the services rendered and for its cost-effective approach.

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