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Layout design and visualization new dairy factory

A major player in the dairy market approached us with plans for a brand new dairy plant. In this new state-of-the-art plant, technology, logistics and organization will reach the highest level imaginable. Our client knows that this efficient dairy plant will add great value for its retail customers, who will benefit from a wider product range and a cost advantage. The dairy producer would like to convince its retail customers of this added value with a visualization of the new plant.

Dapp was commissioned to come up with a plan for the desired layout and to work out the visualization of the new factory. One of our experienced project managers, a specialist in warehousing and supply chain management, supervises the entire project, taking into account the product and customer portfolio of the dairy producer.

In the new plant, not only the production flows, but also the logistics flows must be well connected. The same applies to all utilities, such as electricity, water and air. There must also be a logical flow through the entire plant: from goods receipt to production and delivery of the finished product. Furthermore, sufficient space must be planned for offices, parking lots and the loading and unloading docks. In addition, our customer considers it very important that semi-finished and finished products move through various departments with different types of climate control, where products must also be able to be repackaged.

The challenge for our project manager is to ensure that this business case is well explained with optimal visualization: both for the dairy producer itself and for its retail customers. Our project manager knows how to translate the idea into a design with a single image that says more than a thousand words. Our client immediately understands the layout of the new dairy and can easily convince his retail customers of the benefits and added value.

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