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Increasing production capacity drinking can line

Our client is a manufacturer that develops, prepares and has its own bottling plant with seven bottling lines for more than two hundred different bottle types (varying from stone jars, miniature bottles made of glass or PET, plastic containers or drum packaging) .
After the commissioning of a new canning line, production capacity fell short of expectations. Some time ago, our customer therefore started a project to significantly increase the capacity for packaging canned drinks. Dapp was approached to lead the project by a project leader with demonstrable knowledge of can lines. Precisely because of the combined knowledge of can lines and increasing production capacity, the project leader has been able to build the line together with the production team in order to achieve the desired result.

The project leader also assisted the production line team with advice and assistance to help them run the line independently. The required knowledge was insufficient and the line had quite a few teething problems. After the re-engineering, these were removed and a lot of time was spent on optimizing the line. Ultimately, the line was able to successfully achieve the desired output.

Everything becomes liquid under pressure, a saying that certainly applied in this situation. Precisely because of the above problems, a fruitful collaboration started from the project team with the stakeholders involved: with the production team, with management, with suppliers and internal and external advisors.

Through well-coordinated joint efforts, we have succeeded in gradually increasing the capacity of the line from approximately 10,000 cans per day to 110,000 units. A significant improvement that everyone involved is justifiably proud of.   

After the can line project, the project leader was asked to act as NPI manager in relation to the can line, which subsequently worked in close collaboration with the Sales, Quality & Innovation and Production & Logistics has been able to put more than ten new products on the market.

In the meantime, after more than a year of involvement, the assignment of our project leader has been completed. Our drinks manufacturer has appointed an employee from its own ranks who is now the pivot in the entire can story.

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