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3D scanning and drawing work at a cheese processor

November 2023

Dapp made a 3D scan for a client in the cheese processing industry and, in the process, converted the 3D model into a 2D drawing package of a previously undocumented location. By making a 3D scan of the location for half a day, the resulting point cloud could be used as a basis for a 3D model of the entire location. The big advantage of this is that no complicated measurements were necessary and the final 3D scan is very accurate by means of control measurements on the contours. After creating the 3D model, the 2D drawings could be generated. Making a 3D model to arrive at 2D drawings may sound like a big detour, but by making something in 3D you can immediately generate 2D images. This prevents you from making mistakes; if something is correct in 3D then it will also be correct in 2D.

You can also make adjustments much faster in 3D. Instead of modifying several drawings, you only modify one and generate the rest again. The customer was very pleased with the drawings and also uses the 3D scan to guide people around digitally.

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