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Re­al­iza­tion of a new build­ing of Re­frig­er­at­ed Ware­house Kon­ingszuiv­el

Written by: Dennis Beijaard
at at 31 March 2019
Realization of a new building of Refrigerated Warehouse Koningszuivel

Konings-Zuivel has selected DAPP to supervise the new construction project. Konings-Zuivel imports dairy products from various European countries and markets them with various parties in and outside the Netherlands. For example, in addition to other activities, dairy and other chilled products are supplied to the large Dutch supermarkets.

Real estate developer WDP was commissioned to build a completely new DC of approximately 10,000 m2 at a location to be developed in Bleiswijk near the intersection of the HSL and the A12. The building was to have refrigerated storage and a large dispatch area. The building should be delivered in accordance with high-quality sustainability and energy requirements (BREEAM Very Good). The DC has a height of approximately 12 meters (equivalent to 5 pallet layers).

DAPP has led the entire realization (engineering, logistics infrastructure and construction + technology) with a specialist project team. In addition to the DAPP project manager, the team consisted of specialists from DAPP's database in the field of quality & certification, logistics, construction, climate technology & energy and electricity & instrumentation.

Konings-Zuivel has outsourced the entire construction and delivery process and has been able to limit its contributions to the regular coordination of requirements and wishes with regard to planning and quality. In fact, we are talking about a 'turn-key' solution here.

Konings-Zuivel has moved to a completely working new DC. The DAPP project team was able to completely unburden the client. Very nice for a client if you can fall back on expertise that you have never had to deal with yourself.

In terms of BREEAM, the building does indeed meet the applicable sustainability requirements. This also means, for example, that with a BREAAM-NL certificate, Konings-Zuivel can achieve a significant tax advantage on the investment made. The building is designed in such a way that it is scalable. Should Konings-Zuivel grow to such an extent in the coming years that the current facility becomes too small, one of the side walls can be removed quite easily to create a larger storage space.