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Are you looking for a project manager in Engineering? We can deliver the right professional with the right technical background. A strong project manager who blends in with the culture of your company. 

DAPP focuses primarily on the Dutch food sector and supports producers, distributors, retailers, and innovators in all their technical and logistical investment projects: we are flexible, prompt, and committed. We quickly provide the right project manager with the appropriate technical background; a strong project manager who fits into the company culture of the client. We distinguish three important fields of knowledge: Engineering, Logistics, and Innovation


Within the field of Engineering, things revolve around the conceptualisation, design, and development of technical systems and products. It is important to have a keen eye for technical solutions as well as to remain up to date on current themes, such as (food) safety, sustainability, and innovation. We subdivide the field of Engineering into six disciplines: architectural engineering, mechanical engineering, process technology, electrical engineering, building services technology, and industrial automation.

The field of Engineering entails diverse (Capex) investment projects: from the purchase of a new packaging line to the construction of a drying tower or from the expansion of the production area to saving energy. However, the transport of machines, master planning, and the development of an approach all belong to this broad field.

Engineering demands specialised project managers with substantial experience in the realisation of (complex) food projects in a technology-driven environment. These project managers ensure that the client is relieved of any responsibilities in every technical field. For instance, if a client would like to purchase a production line, it is not just our job to find the right supplier, but also to handle everything else that the purchase entails. An example of this is having all the necessary connections made, such as power, water, air, and gas, but also informing and involving those within the organisation. A supplier cannot be tasked with all of these things.

DAPP provides support in:

  • Master planning and the development of an approach
  • Purchase and replacement of production machines and systems
  • Transport of machines
  • Utility and energy projects
  • Mechanisation and automation of production (MES)

Curious about what we can do for you? Please contact us—there is no commitment required. We look forward to hearing from you!

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