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Are you looking for a project manager? We can deliver the right professional with the right technical background. A strong project manager who blends in with the culture of your company

DAPP, a network of the best (independent) professionals in Food

The importance of collaboration in the food chain continues to increase. DAPP also works with partners to achieve the best results for its clients. Realizing projects in the field of Engineering, Logistics and Innovation is our strength. Besides the deployment of our own professionals, we work with (a network of) the best independent Projectmanagement professionals in Food.

Our network consists of carefully selected independent professionals. Without exception they have strong project management experience combined with in-depth knowledge of the food world. The strength of our network is that we know the professionals. We know what their special strengths are and we have regular personal contact to keep us informed on their employability. We regard them as the best in our market. This DAPP network comprises of more than 200 professionals. With this network we have the possibility to select the right person to match with your specific question. DAPP has a unique position in the food world and we are able to move fast to deliver you the right professional.

To give you an idea of the level of knowledge and experience of our professionals please check the profiles of a number of independent professionals, selected from our network. With them we work successfully right now or we have worked successful in the past with them.