René Lammertink

Works as: Project manager
Keywords: To connect business with automation
Passion: doing projects from A to Z
DAPP: Nice steppingstone towards new assignments

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The best professionals network in Food

These days, the importance of collaboration in the food chain continues to increase. We see it all around us. DAPP also works with a number of solid partners to provide the best match for your project management needs. In addition to the deployment of our own project professionals, we have a network of the best independent project management professionals in the food sector.

Over a number of years we have built up a stock of carefully selected independent professionals. Without exception they have a wide project management experience combined with deep knowledge of the Food sector. The strength of DAPP is that we really know these independent professionals. We know what they have done in the past and what they're able to do. What specific expertise are you looking for? Engineering, logistics and supply chain or innovation? We know their knowledge because we have regular personal contact with them. They are in our view the best the market of independent professionals has to offer. This DAPP network now comprises of more than 200 professionals. Through this collaboration DAPP has a unique position in the market. Nobody else can give on such short notice a detailed overview of available candidates. We are able to work quickly and we are flexible to fill your need for an external project manager. Why don't you give it a try?