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Are you looking for a project manager? We can deliver the right professional with the right technical background. A strong project manager who blends in with the culture of your company

DAPP focuses primarily on the Dutch food sector and supports producers, distributors, retailers, and innovators in all their technical and logistical investment projects: we are flexible, prompt, and committed. We quickly provide the right project manager with the appropriate technical background; a strong project manager who fits into the company culture of the client. We distinguish three important fields of knowledge: Engineering, Logistics, and Innovation


The field of Innovation is a specialisation of utmost importance. In a field as dynamic as the food sector, there is perpetual demand for innovative products. Topics and trends, such as food safety, sustainability, premium product presentation, new flavours, and ingredients force the food industry to constantly reinvent itself. Food companies must innovate continuously, but innovative concepts also have to be translated into technical solutions and realised. DAPP can also play a significant and stimulating role in this process. 

Innovation requires specialised project managers, who can guide the entire process: from the concept or alteration to the preliminary phase and the completion.

DAPP provides support in:

  • New Product Development
  • New Product Introduction

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